December 22 New board members were selected at the 16th general shareholders meeting, and the board members appointed Kiichi Adachi as President and CEO.
December 22
Kringle Pharma announces completion of participant enrollment in the Phase I/II study of recombinant human HGF for acute spinal cord injury.
December 5 Kringle Pharma successfully raised 610 milion JPY to accelerate the clinical development of recombinant human HGF.
September 24 Kringle Pharma's project entitled 'Recombinant human HGF for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury' was accepted by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, AMED, as its Drug Discovery Support Promotion Project.
May 13
An investigator-initiated Phase II clinical trial of recombinant human HGF started at the Tohoku and Osaka University Hospitals for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
March 11
Kringle Pharma completed Phase I clinical trial of recombinant human HGF for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Primary objectives of the trial, the safety and pharmacokinetics of the HGF dosing, were successfully evaluated.
June 16
Kringle Initiates Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Recombinant Human HGF for the Treatment of Acute Spinal Cord Injury.
April 7
It is an honor to announce that Professor Kunio Matsumoto at Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University, the co-founder and scientific advisor of Kringle Pharma, was awarded the Prizes for Science and Technology, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. This was awarded to Professor Matsumoto’s prominent achievement of “Development of the application of physiologically active proteins to medical treatment.” Professor Matsumoto has devoted the strenuous efforts for many years to basic research on HGF, hepatocyte growth factor. After founding Kringle Pharma, Professor Matsumoto has been also rendering great help and assistance to the clinical development of recombinant human HGF as a therapeutic agent for intractable diseases. His outstanding contributions and achievements not only in basic science but also in applied research on physiologically active proteins have been highly acclaimed and led him to receive this most treasured prize.
May 17
In April 2012, Kringle Pharma completed Phase Ib clinical trial of recombinant human HGF in the United States. Primary objectives of the trial, the safety and pharmacokinetics of multiple intravenous dosing of HGF, were successfully evaluated.
May 1
Kringle Pharma's head office was relocated to the new address below:
207 Saito Bio-Incubator 7-7-15
Saitoasagi, Ibaraki, OSAKA
567-0085, JAPAN
Phone: +81-72-641-8739 FAX: +81-72-641-8730
October 24
Kringle Pharma's project entitled 'Recombinant human HGF for the treatment of spinal cord injury' is accepted by Japan Science and Technology Agency, JST, as its Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program, A-STEP. This project has been carried out for years having its base on the collaboration with Professors Hideyuki Okano and Yoshiaki Toyama's group at Keio University School of Medicine. JST will support Kringle to conduct a proof-of -concept clinical study of recombinant Human HGF for thetreatment of acute spinal cord injury. The clinical development will be supervised by Assistant professor Masaya Nakamura in Keio University School of Medicine, as a principal investigator.
July 8
Kringle Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Recombinant Human HGF for the Treatment of Incurable Neuronal Diseases.
October 9
Kringle Pharma Receives the Grand Prix of the 6th Japan Bio-Venture Award.
The Japan Bio-Venture Award was founded in 2001 by Fuji Sankei Business i, one of the general business papers published by Fuji Sankei Communications Group. Since its 1st competition held in 2002, a numbers of Japanese prosperous biotech companies were honored to receive the prizes, which of those are currently playing a major role in the Japanese biotech industry.
August 4
Kringle Pharma Finishes its Phase 1a Clinical Trial of Recombinant Human HGF for Treatment of Renal Disease.
January 28
Kringle Pharma and Maruho Agreed to Conclude an Option Agreement for ChronSeal®.
January 28
Kringle Pharma Commences a Phase I/II Clinical Trial in Sweden on ChronSeal®,
a Recombinant Human HGF-Based Therapy for the Treatment of Skin Ulcers.

December 17
Kringle Pharma Europe AB Established in Sweden.
December 3
Kringle Pharma Initiated a Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Norway on ChronSeal®, a Recombinant Human HGF-Based Therapy for the Treatment of Skin Ulcers.
October 30
Kringle Pharma Achieved Permission to Conduct Phase 1 Clinical Studies on recombinant human HGF for the Treatment of ARF in US.
October 1
Kringle Pharma Files IND Application to FDA to Conduct Studies on recombinant human HGF for the Treatment of ARF.
April 9
NK4 Patented in Japan as a Preventive and Therapeutic Agent for Diseases Associated with Abnormal Angiogenesis.
April 2
Kringle Awarded NIBIO R&D Promotion Grant for Clinical Development of Human Recombinant HGF for Neurological Disorders.
January 22
Tripep and Kringle Pharma apply cooperatively for permission to launch a Phase II study of ChronSeal.
January 10
Kringle Pharma successfully raises additional 157.92 million JPY, following the financing in the previous month.
January 10
In the 6th annual meeting of shareholders, Keigo Hanada, Director of R&D, appointed and installed as a Member of the Board.
December 4
Kringle Pharma successfully raises 1.06 billion JPY to accelerate the development of HGF and NK4.
November 20
Kringle Pharma forms business alliance with Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. to accelerate commercialization of HGF for animal drugs.
July 11
Kringle Pharma establishes Joint Research Division for Regenerative Drug Discovery at Osaka University.
June 12
Kringle Pharma has completed the manufacture of the required volume of recombinant HGF to conduct initial clinical studies.
April 26
Kringle Pharma will be participating in BIO 2007 Annual International Convention (BIO 2007), the largest industry gathering event in the world.
Date: May 6 to May 9, 2007
Venue: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC), Boston, MA
Official website: http://www.bio2007.org/index.html
Kringle Pharma will hold a booth as one of the co-exhibitors of Japan pavilion organized by JETRO (booth number: 2549)
April 2
Dr. Kunio Matsumoto, a member of the board and the Chief Scientific Officer of Kringle Pharma, was appointed as a Professor at Division of Tumor Dynamics and Regulation, Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University. Dr. Matsumoto will maintain his position in Kringle Pharma as a member of the board and CSO.
March 28
Kringle Pharma to initiate a phase I clinical trial of recombinant human HGF for acute renal failure cooperatively with The Rogosin Institute.
February 21
Kringle Pharma and Tripep AB, a Swedish biotechnology research company, reached to a basic agreement to co-develop recombinant human HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor) protein for wound healing therapy.
December 26
As all of the serving board members were approved by shareholders at the 5th annual shareholders・meeting (Dec. 22) to be reinstalled to their present positions, Kunio Iwatani was reappointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Kringle Pharma at the subsequent board of directors meeting, while Kiichi Adachi was reappointed as Executive Vice President.
November 6
Professor Toshikazu Nakamura of the Graduate School of Medicine at Osaka University and adviser to Kringle Pharma, was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon by the Japanese Government on November 3, 2006, for his lifetime scientific contribution to biochemistry. Professor Nakamura is a pioneer in biochemical research on HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) and is well known not only in Japan, but also throughout the world.
September 7
Kringle Pharma will be participating in 2006 International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy of Cancer Japan Conference.
Date: October 13 to October 15
Venue: Makuhari-Messe International Conference Hall
- Luncheon Seminar
Associate Professor Kunio Matsumoto at Osaka University, Member of Board/CSO of Kringle Pharma will deliver a presentation at luncheon seminar hosted by Kringle Pharma.
Theme: NK4 Gene Therapy Targeting HGF-Met and Angiogenesis.
Date & Time: October 14, 12:00 ・13:00
Venue: 2F, International Conference Room, International Conference Hall
Booth exhibit will also be made through three days from 9:00 to 19:00 at International Conference Hall.
For more information, visit http://www.iscg-2006.jp/ .
August 3
Kringle Pharma will be participating in BioJapan 2006 妨orld Business Forum in Osaka・
oldest bio-industry gathering in Japan.
Date: September 13 to September 15, 2006
Venue: Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka)
Official website: http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/biojapan/2006/index.html
Panel exhibit will be made at booth hosted by NPO Kinki Bio-industry Development Organization.(booth number:A103)
Also, presentation will be delivered at Business Partnering, a business matching event concurrently held with BioJapan 2006.
Theme: Clinical Development of Recombinant HGF & NK4
Date & Time: September 14, 11:30 ・11:45
Venue: #1007, 10F, Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka)
Official website: http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/biojapan/2006/eng/business.html
July 28
NK4 patented in Japan as an antitumor agent to inhibit tumor invasion and metastasis.
June 12
Kringle Pharma will be participating in 8th Annual Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Development Summit, an industry-focused science & business development conference on July 17 ・18, 2006 held at Hilton Back Bay Hotel in Boston, MA. http://www.srinstitute.com/conf_page.cfm?instance_id=27&web_id=835&pid=442 Presentation and poster exhibit will be made focusing on NK4 as potential anti-cancer drug by introducing freeze & dormancy therapy.
April 7
Professor Toshikazu Nakamura (Advisor) and Associate Professor Kunio Matsumoto (Board Member/CSO), Graduate School of Medicine of Osaka University, received Grand Prix of the first Nature Medicine BioMedical Award for the excellent academic research titled "Discovery and therapeutic approach of NK4, an anti-cancer molecule in the 21st century".
An award ceremony and symposium will be held at Akasaka Prince Hotel at 5pm on May 29, 2006.
December 26
A meeting of the board of directors held after the 4th annual meeting of shareholders approved that Kiichi Adachi, Director of the R&D Division, be installed as Executive Vice-President on December 22, 2005, with the aim of strengthening the management. Masayoshi Matsumura resigned as director on December 22, 2005, and was installed as corporate adviser to Kringle Pharma on the same day.
October 27
Biolex Therapeutics, a US-based company, and Kringle Pharma launched joint research on the development of low-cost mass production methods for NK4, an antitumor protein.
April 27
Kringle Pharma allocated new shares to third parties to increase its capital by 1,325 million yen.
April 6
Kringle Pharma concluded a joint research agreement and a license agreement with Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo to place HGF-based drugs for animal use on the market at an early date.
April 4
NK4 was patented as an inhibitor of tumor invasion and metastasis in the U.S.
(Patent No.: US6855685).
February 16
Kringle Pharma concluded a joint research agreement on the development of gene medicines with DNAVEC Corporation.
February 14
Kringle Pharma concluded a research and evaluation agreement with GaleniSearch Laboratories to develop time-release microsphere formulations based on NK4, HGF, and other related compounds.
December 29
NK4 was patented as an inhibitor of tumor invasion and metastasis in Europe
(Patent No.: EP0890361).
December 17
In an annual meeting of shareholders, Kiichi Adachi, Manager of the R&D Division, was appointed and installed as a director.
October 1
Saito Research Institute was established in the Saito Bio Incubator.
July 1
The head office was moved to Senri Chuo, Toyonaka City, Osaka
(8F, Senri Asahi Hankyu Bldg.).

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