To regenerate tissues and organs
  • To regenerate tissues and organs
  • To treat incurable diseases
What Kringle Pharma is aiming for
  • To commercialize HGF medicine
  • To create new values for the well-being of all people
President's Message

Human body has a natural ability to repair and regenerate injured parts. Endogenous proteins called growth factors and stem cells with differentiation potency, both work together for a self-repair mechanism. Regenerative medicine, getting a lot more attention recently, deals with therapeutic approaches to regenerate damaged tissues and organs by utilizing our own repair mechanisms.

The liver is the only visceral organ that possesses remarkable capacity to regenerate. Hepatocyte growth factor, HGF, was originally identified by the Japanese scientists as a mitogenic protein stimulating liver regeneration. Through a series of studies, it was discovered that HGF plays a role as an intrinsic factor with an organotrophic role in the regeneration of various tissues and organs including the liver, the kidneys, skin, blood vessels and the nervous system. Based on the preclinical data demonstrating dramatic therapeutic efficacy of HGF in animal disease models, it becomes obvious that expectations of HGF is growing as a novel regenerative medicine for incurable diseases.

Kringle Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the commercialization of HGF medicine. We contribute to the well-being of people around the world by creating new values. We have succeeded in producing the GMP-compliant recombinant human HGF for clinical development. Currently, proof-of-concept clinical studies are underway for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Once we confirm clinical proof-of-concept for these neuronal diseases, target indications of HGF are surely expanded to other organ diseases. Our hope is to bring happiness to patients and their family by provide innovative HGF medicine in the near future.

Kiichi Adachi
President and CEO

Origin of Company Name Kringle Pharma, Inc.

NK4 : NK4, the molecule that displays antagonistic activity to HGF (hepatocyte growth factor), derives its name from its 4 kringle structures next to the N-terminal hairpin structure.

Company Name : Both HGF and NK4 have kringle structures at the active site of the molecule. Therefore, we named the company name "Kringle Pharma, Inc." after "Kringle" and "Pharmaceuticals".

Principal Project : The main goal for Kringle Pharma, Inc. is to develop pharmaceutical products based on our research on HGF and NK4. Our corporate mission is ultimately to save patients suffering from cancer or other diseases in the world by improving the quality of their life.

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