Company History

NK4 is a molecule, discovered by Professors Toshikazu Nakamura and Kunio Matsumoto, that inhibits tumor angiogenesis and cancer metastasis. It is an innovative technology that holds malignant tumors at the stage of freeze or dormancy. Kringle Pharma, Inc. was established as a pharmaceutical biotechnology venture company originating from Osaka University in December 2001 with the goal of early development of new cancer therapies utilizing NK4. Professors Nakamura and Matsumoto, who discovered NK4, became deeply engaged in the establishment of Kringle Pharma, Inc. Professor. Matsumoto is the Chief Scientific Officer for the company, from October 2002 to November 2013.
Kunio Iwatani, Chairman of Kringle Pharma, Inc., was previously engaged in the expansion of business for the International Division of Takeda Chemical Ind. Ltd. for nineteen years. After holding the positions of President and CEO of Hokuriku Seiyaku Co. Ltd. and Director of Abbott Japan Co. Ltd. successively, he filled the position as President and CEO from March 1, 2003 to December 16, 2016.
Kiichi Adachi, President and CEO of Kringle Pharma, Inc., was previously Postdoctoral Research Associate at Purdue University before joining Paradigm Genetics, Inc. in NC, USA. He came back to Japan to join Biotechnology Center of Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute as Chief Strategist. He joined Kringle Pharma, Inc. in April 2004 and served as Director of R&D, and subsequently Director of Business Development before being appointed to his present position in December 16, 2016.

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